Did you know it takes just


hours to produce an AUV report

Analysing seabed assets to provide accurate and detailed information - the best way to collect precise data to assist in your decision taking and maintenance planning.

Our pioneering fleet can safely and securely undertake pipeline and sub-sea infrastructure inspections anywhere around the globe.

Precise and In-Depth

We acquire detailed, in-depth data of the seabed. Our data is acquired and uploaded to analysts onshore in real time. This ensures that we can confidently and rapidly analyse and provide results. Each unmanned vessel is equipped with a remotely operated vehicle, which can be deployed and controlled from shore via satellite communications, for accurate visual and acoustic data acquisition. Larger vessels offer twin ROV capability to ensure further redundancy.

Remote Reach

We can serve a wide variety of client needs even in the most remote locations. Our unmanned robots can be easily transported by sea, air and land transport. Each vessel has been specifically designed to ensure we can deploy our fleet anywhere on the globe.


Our robotic fleet is remotely operated while data is processed in real time within onshore control centres. As a result, Armada does not require any personnel to be sent offshore. This means we can operate in dangerous and harsh environments without risking lives. We deliver solutions responsibly and safely.


Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. Our robotic vessels use hybrid technology to offer a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. An Armada vessel can produce as little as 1/10th of the emissions of a conventional ship and its crew. Armada can not only provide you with accurate results quickly, but with a drastically reduced carbon footprint